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How are you coping? Here are Coping Strategies to consider

How do you cope when you are stressed? At times our stress can appear as perfectionism or overworking. Anything can become unhealthy or maladaptive it truly just depends on our intentions when using something to cope.

There is not a one size fits all approach when it comes to finding what works well for us in terms of how to manage and navigate stressful times. Coping skills are one of those things that we must consistently practice if we want them to be effective when we truly need to utilize them. This can look like practicing intentionally daily for even five minutes to incorporate this as a useful skill. I want to encourage you to practice self-compassion when trying to implement a strategy, this can be challenging when we are so used to engaging in old patterns and behaviors. There is a range of strategies and suggestions that you may find helpful in dealing with frequent stressors, anxiety, and depression.


  1. Being mindful with our internal dialogue and self-talk.
  2. Meditation, you may use aps like Headspace, or even workout aps like Peloton.
  3. Journaling, this can look like utilizing a prompt or even reflecting on your day and setting your intention for the upcoming week.
  4. Get more sleep and create a nighttime routine. 
  5. Initiate positive social contact, by connecting with your community.
  6. Going for a walk and honoring our body with movement. 
  7. Utilizing creativity through drawing or painting. 
  8. Reading a book that is of interest to you.
  9. Explore ways to care for yourself, and plan to implement self-care to prevent further burnout. 
  10. Incorporate Grounding Strategies, such as 5,4,3,2,1. This is 5 things you can see by naming them, 4 things you can feel by paying attention to your body. 3 things you can hear, 2 things that you are able to smell and lastly one thing that you can taste. Paying attention to your five senses is a way to ground yourself into being in the present moment. 

Counseling can be a great place to start to gain insight into what is triggering your anxiety or stressors and further explore coping mechanisms that are effective for you. Reach out today and schedule a free consultation to start your counseling journey.