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Resources: Maintaining Recovery with Social Media

When it comes to maintaining eating disorder recovery it is vital to ensure that we are taking an inventory of who and what we are following on social media. This can be a challenging whether or not certain content can be triggering, however it is important to see if this aligns with your values and prioritizing recovery. Here is a compiled list of resources on instagram to check out!


Tiffany Roe: Therapist, speaker, intuitive eater, podcaster 

IG: Heytiffanyroe 

Iskra: Aerie Real model, recovered, advocate 

IG: Iskra 

Jess Sprengle: ED therapist, memes, feminist, all people, and all bodies

IG: thecrankytherapist 

Morgan Harper Nichols: Daily reminders through art

IG: morganharpernichols

Matilda: Swedish artist, mental health advocate

IG: crazyheadcomics

Christie: graphic designer and quote lover

            IG: quotesbychristie 

Tess Holliday: created the hashtag “EffYourBeautyStandards”

            IG: tessholliday

Kelly May: non-diet dietitian, all foods fit, health at every size

            IG: kellyrd_

Natalie Peikoff: psychotherapist, body kindness, intuitive eating, and healthy at every size

            IG: balanced_nat

Tyler Oakley: youtuber, recovered, part of LGBTQ+, and inclusive

            IG: tyleroakley  


Autonomy Movement: inclusive exercise studio for all bodies, promotes balanced wellness, acceptance 

            IG: autonomymovement

A Safe Place Inside Your Head: mental health nonprofit, lifting others up, supportive illustrations

            IG: asafeplaceinsideyourhead 

Recovery Sayings: normalizing therapy, talking about feelings, and recovery

            IG: recoverysayings

Recovery Warriors: support and recovery for ED, anxiety, and depression

            IG: recovrywarriors 

Eating Disorder Recovery Blog: text graphics that support recovery

            IG: edrecoveryblog


The National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA): supportive recovery with ED

            IG: NEDA

The Eating Disorder Foundation

            IG: eatingdisorderfoundation 

Body Brave: food freedom, body peace, supportive images, ED support

            IG: bodybravecanada