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Reasons for Therapy:
Life Transitions
Learning New Skills
Having a Safe Place
Increased Self-Awareness
Navigating & Gaining Additional Perspectives

In our initial assessment this is an opportunity to gather information and gain a better understanding of your specific needs and what your goals are for seeking counseling services.

intention with starting your journey

Children & Teen
Couples & Relationship
Anxiety & Depression
Eating Disorder &
Body Image
Recovery & COaching 

Whether you have a mental health diagnosis or never been to therapy before, people can learn and a variety of things in therapy including:
  • Identify patterns
  • Processing grief
  • Learning to set boundaries
  • Validation and insight
  • Coping skills
  • Process family of origin
  • Healing relationships with self, body, and others
  • Creating new routines
  • Changing internal beliefs

what to expect from us

As humans we try to support ourselves by changing routines, listening to new podcasts, following different people on social media, or picking up new habits. Sometimes, we need additional support, like therapy, to maintain healing.
Getting support in order to change can mean a variety of things including: changing your thoughts, changing interactions with friends/family/partners, changing how you view yourself, and changing how you cope with life.
Our goal as therapists is to support your individual and unique needs in order to create a safe place to explore your current challenges. We value a nonjudgmental approach to therapy with cultivating a supportive relationship. 

We can explore a variety of concerns in therapy including feeling overwhelmed by your emotions. In therapy we hope to increase the connection between our bodies and our emotions. When life gets more stressful you become stuck in your thoughts of what could be (what ifs/ruminating in the past) and find it difficult to see new perspectives. You might start to feel disconnected, frustrated, numb, or overall unsatisfied. Within the therapeutic environment, people feel safe to explore their barriers and heal their lives to create more meaning, fulfillment, belonging, and purpose. We provide hope and trust that you will heal and recover.

We recommend setting up a consultation, if needed we can provide referrals to additional providers if we are not the best fit for you. Once we get to know your individual needs we will explore and collaborate on the structure of therapy and what would be most beneficial to reach your goals


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